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  1. What will there be to see at WSI 2023?
  • The Heroes Stage – Find out what more here
  • 30 National Competition Finals – Find out what more here
  • #ThisisFET Zone – Find out what more here
  • Educators’ Zone – Find out what more here
  • Careers’ Zone – Find out what more here
  1. How will I get there?

There is comprehensive traffic management plan in place for WorldSKills Ireland 2023 and The Irish Times Higher Options, which will run concurrently with our event.  This plan involves input from the RDS, Security Suppliers and the Gardai. 

Click to view the Bus Drop off Plan

Click to view the  WSI 2023 Walking Map

In order to accommodate the high number of student visitors attending on coaches, we have no visitor car parking onsite. Therefore, the recommended mode of the travel to the RDS each day is by Public Transport.


  1. Where can I see the layout/Floorplan of the event?

The floorplan of the event can be found on the link here 


  1. Who is exhibiting at the event?

The full exhibitor list can be found on the floorplan link here 


  1. Once registered, what are the next steps?

You will receive an email with the barcode. When you arrive, one member should enter and register your group by scanning this barcode at the registration area. Wristbands will then be provided, and you can return to your group to distribute. Once wristbands are secured, your group can queue up to enter the event. 


  1. What catering is available at WorldSkills Ireland 2023?

There will be a range of food trucks and a café for students to purchase food at the event as well as a lunchroom provided for any students with a packed lunch.


  1. Can I attend The Irish Times Higher Options with my WSI registration?

No, your WSI visitor registration is only valid for our event (WorldSkills Ireland), you would need a separate ticket to enter Higher Options.


  1. Can I attend Worldskills Ireland with my Higher Options registration?

No, your Higher Options visitor registration is only valid for the Higher Options event, you would need to register separately for Worldskills Ireland 2023. We are now fully booked out for WorldSkills Ireland 2023.


  1. Where can visitors park?

There will be no visitor parking only coach parking. You should travel via Public Transport, if you are travelling by car you will need to find alternative parking beside the RDS.


  1. Are there any slots left to register for?

We are now fully booked out for WorldSkills Ireland 2023.


  1. What do students need to do before attending WSI?

We have put together a pre-event activity document which highlighted some activities we recommend students to complete before attending WorldSkills Ireland. Download the pre-event document here


If we didn’t answer you question here, please email us on 

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