The Cloud Computing industry is responsible for the design and implementation of information technology infrastructure in a public cloud environment and can span multiple roles including, Systems Administrators/Engineers, Database Administrators, Network Administrators/Engineers, Storage Administrators/Engineers, Systems/Network/Solutions/Enterprise Architects, programmers/developers. 

Due to the ever-expanding features and capabilities of public cloud providers, this list of associated infrastructure specialists is also expanding.

Cloud Computing could be for you if you like:

Designing computer applications

Architecting cloud applications

Working in complex teams

Creating Cloud Solutions for application

Cyber-security on Cloud Solutions

Career options

ICT Industry

Consultant on Cloud Technologies

Cloud Solution Architect

Cloud System Operations Administrator

Cloud Support Engineer

Cloud computing events:

1st Preliminary Cloud Computing Competition will be on 20th May 2021 (click here for more information)

2nd Preliminary Cloud Computing Competition will be on 29th October 2021 (click here for more information)

National Cloud Computing Competition will be at the RDS (Dublin) from 13th to 15th September 2022  (click here for more information). Don’t miss the opportunity to represent Ireland at the International Competitions.

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