The Sheet Metalworker’s job involves marking out, cutting, punching and forming/bending patterns on flat sheet metal up to 4mm thick using metals such as mild steel, galvanized mild steel, stainless steels, aluminium and alloys, copper and brass. Manufactured items are joined and assembled using self-secured joints, riveting, fasteners, flanging, welding, soldering and brazing as well as incorporating the appropriate finishing techniques. With the onset of new technology, modern Sheet Metalworkers are engaged in the programming, setting and operation of CNC machinery, CAD systems, planning, costing, estimating, and quality control systems thus enabling the craftsperson to operate cost-effectively within the craft and throughout the engineering designation.

Sheet Metalwork could be for you if you like:

Fabricating from metals and plastics

using computer software/CNC equipment

Working in teams/in workshops/onsite

Career options

Engineering work

Construction work

Site management

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